Vincent Vincent & The Villains, The Spazzys

Sharan Dhami 27/05/2005

I don't know if you recall last Friday, well let me take you back. 27 degrees of sweltering heat, sweaty tubes and stifling London air. I queued up outside the Barfly, with a quick glimpse into the café next door I saw the bowler hat clad Vincent Vincent and the Villains soaking up some rays on the
balcony. As they enjoyed the sunbeams, I entered Barfly, eager to see them play live again.

The first support act, going by the name of 'The Spazzys' hailed from Australia. Personally I wish they would go back there: they drawled their lacklustre songs to a disengaged crowd. But the saving grace of the faltering support acts were the "Rubicks" they held energy and life, and got the crowd
in motion. Before long, what the masses were waiting for arrived: Vincent Vincent & the Villains graced the stage. They were received with gratuitous applause but this wasn't over the top as they went on to capture the crowd with their twist on fifties style rock n roll. Live favourites such as 'B - side baby' and 'On my own' got the crowds toe's tapping, the fingers clicking, and the heads nodding in sync. Then numbers such as 'Midnight' haunted the atmosphere. Charles
(guitar/vocals) captured a sense of desperation whilst singing the lines: 'I need some loving so bad' with a authentic tone of voice that can only be captured live. The appearance of the flugelhorn also added to magic of that song, and pleased
me greatly as I adore that horn!

As the gig went on, the energy built up as both the audience and band became more involved in the gig. After another lively applause, Vincent (Vocals/Guitar) stated 'We have been touring with Art Brut and I can tell you, we never received a
reception like that'. All in all, it was a great gig, and despite the immense heat, VV&V carried it out to perfection. There is nothing more refreshing then to see the band really feel the music, Neill (bass) had a definite stage presence throughout, and exuded sex appeal, despite the sauna like temperatures. If you ever get the chance to see VV&V live, take it. Get
your fingers at the ready kids, it's time to start clicking..