The Third Man, Zenith

Emma Murphy 11/02/2009

After the whirlwind success of sell out tours and two critically acclaimed albums as a member of The Kooks you could say Max Rafferty had the world at his feet, but after departing with the band in 2008 Max went on to form new band The Third Man with fellow band mates Sean Lee Duncan (Bass), Andrew Newton (Drums) and Adam Stockdale (Guitar). Some might call it a brave decision to head off from the comfort of the well known, huge fan based Kooks to start all over again, lugging around your own equipment after a set with a new band. But after viewing the gig in 10ft Tall I have to say it was the right decision on all levels.

The Third Man appear well connected as a band, they have a catchy sound and seem set for bigger things. An uncanny sound that resembles the 'Chasing Rainbows' era of Britpop band Shed 7 sends a nostalgic rush through the crowd as we easily warm to the band. Tunes that instantly grab the attention are the acoustic melodies of 'Sorry Today' and the catchy and well received 'Go Down Easy'.

Grabbing a quick chat with the guys later it appears that Max Rafferty is more at home with The Third Man, writing most of the songs and moving away from the somewhat teenage pop sound of The Kooks is exactly where he wants to take the band. You have to give the band credit, playing to a dwindling crowd due to the lateness of the gig with the band appearing at 11.45pm the guys played as if they were in front of 1000 people. Currently unsigned The Third Man need and deserve the record deal which is bound to be right around the corner.

Photo copyright - Azadeh Falakshahi