Do Me Bad Things

Rachel Cranshaw 21/04/2005

When Must Destroy Records latest hot signing take to the stage it comes as somewhat of a relief after Tokyo Dragons and My Feeble Weiner, the emo support acts the crowd have been forced to endure so far. Opening with previous single "Time For Deliverance", Do Me Bad Things immediately shake up the atmosphere. Fresh from supporting The Darkness on their recent UK arena tour, this unusual Croydon 9-piece are ready to bring something quite different to the currently buzzing UK music scene.

Looking completely different from their earlier appearance in the crowd to watch the support acts, frontman Nikolai Prowse slinks about the stage, weaving erotically between singer Chantal Brown, the guitarists and backing singers. Alternating with co-frontman Mark Woods, we are treated to several tracks from their debut album "Yes!" including current single "What's Hideous" and the upcoming "Liv Ullman On Drums (Move In Stereo)."

"The Song Rides" does what it says on the tin, and the crowd go wild. Between Prowse and Wood's fronting, Chantal takes a turn at leading things on "Suburban Flame", with exemplary results. Her soft, soul-filled vocals work as the perfect anti-dote to Wood's throaty growl and Prowse's high-pitched purr.

Do Me Bad Things leave on a high, to an audience thrilled to have witnessed such a spectacle: practically a musical circus. The band appear in the crowd again briefly and are soon mobbed to be congratulated on such an electrifying performance. The beautiful thing about this band is the circus-element of it: with nine performers all moving as one and playing their absolute best, you are never left with nothing to watch. Furthermore, you are never left with any doubt that this band will be Ones To Watch from now on.