James Glazebrook 23/04/2005

People fear what they don't understand, and yourcodenameis:milo defy definition. While the release of their genre-bending debut album 'Ignoto' has them riding a tsunami of critical acclaim, closed-minded rock fans have found themselves adrift in a sea of noise with no reference points to latch onto. Which would explain the number of stunned faces at the Newcastle noise-merchants' homecoming gig: the sceptics have shown up, and got scared.

Not that ycni:m care. They have torn up the rock rulebook and are burning its pages for fuel. They open with heads-down thrasher 'The General', coming on like a post-rock Smashing Pumpkins, and don't let up until nightmarish marching song 'Rapt. Dept.'erupts into feedback. This band are earning their place in rock history, and for once, you should believe the hype.