Grammatics, Red Light Company

Paul Cook 25/03/2009

Grammatics, playing support for transatlantic five-piece Red Light Company ignited an otherwise sombre crowd at the Norwich Arts Centre with a gutsy, ful throttle performance of material from the recent eponymously named debut album.

Opening with the impressive Shadow Committee with it's gently soaring intro' and mixture of classical, indie and rock elements, Grammatics displayed a passionate efficiency to their music. Equal parts of playfulness from tracks such as The Vague Archive and D.I.L.E.M.N.A and powerfully driven numbers such as Swan Song and Rosa Flood made for an interestingly varied evening of music. There is still some way to go for the Leeds lads however, particularly front man Owen Brinley who needs to learn that drinking a bottle of wine on-stage is neither big nor clever and laying on the floor for half the performance isn't as enjoyable for the audience as it is him.

Red Light Company renowned for being a tad static on-stage had seemingly put that behind them as they delved right into performing the uplifting Arts and Crafts with conviction and enthusiasm. 'RLC' are a band whose material suits the live circuit better than on record. Powerful, soaring choruses like those in Scheme Eugune, Words of Spectacular and With Lights Out. Vocally and instrumentally the band are very tight and professional but despite being less wooden than once thought, they still need to light up the stage with energy at times. The music alone can not, unfortunately, sustain the interest of the audience.