People in Planes, Prego

Emma Murphy 01/04/2009

So I find myself in Cardiff Barfly. The usual annoying things are happening, I have an invisible neon sign above my head that reads 'Hey if you're looking for a way to the bar, toilet, outside for a cigarette then please use me as your pathway' and the loved up couple who have to document every single moment together by taking photos are going to have me tagged on their Facebook as 'random stranger' in all 1000 or so photos they must have taken of themselves, so I'm hoping that People In Planes who are due on next will take my mind off all the annoyances. Sure enough, they do not disappoint me.

Comprising of Gareth Jones (Vocals / Guitar), Peter Roberts (Guitar), Kris Blght (Bass), John Maloney (Drums) and Ian Russell (Keyboards), the five piece Cardiff band literally blew the crowd away with their performance. Tracks such as Get on the Flaw appear to be influenced by very early indie, and some research into the guys' backgrounds see them hail Supergrass as a major influence which makes a lot of sense. Major attention has to be given to Gareth Jones whose vocals hold so much passion, meaning and sincerity that the guy could not put any more meaning into the vocals even if he tried. The band have an early Soundgarden sound - a bold statement to make, I know, but Gareth's vocals are not far off a Chris Cornell - a well deserved comparison. Not a single track let the band down and equal enthusiasm is put into each song.

People in Planes are a band that on stage seem so together and well formed that it shows that Gareth and Peter have had the band since their early teens and that they know each other well. Between songs banter and admiration towards the crowd is readily given. It's not often that a band comes along that leaves you captivated from start to finish and delivers epic, melodic rock, but People in Planes tick the boxes on all levels, a band that truly and utterly deserve more recognition.

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