Flashguns, Jamie T

Rhian Daly 12/06/2009

Its a pretty packed Junction tonight, as hoards of glowstick wielding teens wait for the return of Wimbledon's finest son Jamie T. Before all that though, two girls run past me to the middle of the crowd squealing “Flashguns are on in a minute!” like their lives would be over if they were even one millimetre away from the coveted spot of front centre. They make it in time for the band's arrival on stage, as three boys dressed in fairly smart attire take up their positions. And then, to the left of stage, appears keyboardist James Wright, hood up. hi-tops on and clearly oblivious to the 'look like you've made an effort' approach to tonight's stage wear.

That minor issue aside, Flashguns dip into their arsenal of dark and brooding spiky indie tunes and stun the swelling crowd with songs from the forthcoming Matching Hearts, Similar Parts EP (like the dripping-in-urgency I Don't Not Love You), as well as some older, perhaps more familiar stuff like Locarno and Humans. With slots at Latitude and Underage festival looming in their tour schedule, its obvious these four Londoners are going places. After a blistering and intense performance like this one its clear why. Flashguns are youthfully exuberant, musically wise beyond their years and your new favourite band; Flashguns are the future.