The Ghost of a Thousand, Alexisonfire, Anti-Flag

Paul Cook 08/10/2009

Unsure what to expect, I went along to the Antidote Eastpak Tour having only really heard of the headliners Alexisonfire. I was pleasantly surprised then to find that The Ghost of a Thousand were an intriguingly energetic and catchy band. Despite having a limited collection of this kind of hardcore, metal the band's material was enjoyable throughout and their stage presence was admirable. The smoke-filled venue was barely half full for the nights first support act although you wouldn't have noticed much as everyone was fixated on ”TGOAT” bounding around the stage. That was until lead singer Tom Lacey leapt into the crowd to deliver his vocals from the mosh-pit. Although the heavy screaming grated on me after a while, something which the nights headliners Alexisonfire have no problems with as Dallas Green's voice adds that extra element, The Ghost of a Thousand have a varied and intricate style. It was refreshing to hear the gentle keys and timid drums of No One Likes a Hero act as a breather from the heavier material, something which certain bands of a similar style (the dreadful Bring Me The Horizon to name but one) can't seem to alternate. A solid set all round.