Buzzcocks, Strawberry Blondes

Emma Murphy 03/12/2009

Manchester legends the Buzzcocks have created a career for themselves that spans 33 years, riding on the wave of the Sex Pistols and Television's punk era, the Buzzcocks are a seminal band for bridging the gap between punk and pop. Stella in hand, I take my place in the crowd to witness the legends that are The Buzzcocks: Steve Diggle lives out his Pete Townsend fantasises, playing pretty much every single song off Another Music In A Different Kitchen and Love Bites .The Buzzcocks thrash out the hits with as much enthusiasm as they did 30 years ago.

Pete Shelley is hard to hear as the band is incredibly loud but his voice never tires despite the long set list they play. Orgasm Addict, Promises, Flat-Pack Philosophy and especially What do I Get are played brilliantly. Bearing in mind The Buzzcocks are now ageing rockers they still manage to play a set compromising about 30 songs and the band were loud. Pete Shelley, unlike Diggle, seems to disengage with the audience when he plays his solos, often walking back towards the amp and turning his back on the audience to really concentrate on his technical guitar playing. The bands are still tight as ever and seem to feed off how much the audience really loves them after all these years.

The Buzzcocks still pull in a dedicated fan base, the crowd includes ageing punks who have dug out their leather and denim jackets for the evening and a younger somewhat star struck fan base who are aware that if it wasn't for bands such as the Buzzcocks then bands such as Green Day would not exist. Of course, it has to be mentioned that The Buzzcocks did play Ever Fallen in Love to which both age ranges of fans got involved - as here is a song that is instantly recognisable in spite of its 33 year age. From gazing at the various fans arrayed, I learned that the essential things for a Buzzcocks gig are as follows: a proper old UK Subs t-shirt, leather jacket, putting your feet together and jumping up and down for the pogo dance, and you are set to go. However with their 30 song set list comes enough pints of Stella to open my own brewery - so, what not to do at a Buzzcocks gig - drink more than your body weight in lager, go up to the scariest looking old skool punk and argue with him about his dedication to music, and proceed to your local pub where you then insist you will sleep on the floor whilst they ring you a taxi. The Buzzcoks = well deserved quality band and severe memory loss.