Art Brut, The Hot Puppies

Rachel Cranshaw //

There is a tendency with bands at the moment to suddenly be pounced upon by the public and 'get big' in a very short space of time. Bands like Arctic Monkeys have made the jump from tiny pubs to large warehouse-like venues in just a few months, unfortunately being forced to miss out the in-between venues. This thankfully is not happening to Art Brut, and they are going casually about making themselves a household name in the current thriving London and art-rock scene. Slow and steady usually does, after all, win the race.

Support act The Hot Puppies provide a refreshing opening and insight into a fine new band (their fantastically designed website is well worth a look). Art Brut eventually take to the stage with the intro of a cover of AC/DC's Back In Black. This leads into the band's anthem 'Formed A Band'-the song that has spawned many an Art Brut cover band and probably plenty of original bands. Front man Eddie Argos tells us defiantly that 'yes, this is his singing voice, it's not irony, it's not rock and roll, he's just talking to the kids'. The band are on form, with Eddie being his sharp and witty self, and Fredie looking as cool as ever. Also playing tonight is new member Jasper Future, guitarist Chris Chinchilla's replacement. He is eagerly welcomed by the crowd, and seems to fit in well.

The upbeat 'My Little Brother' follows, and then several more tracks off their fantastic debut album 'Bang Bang Rock and Roll'. These include the childhood-sweetheart themed 'Emily Kane', although we now know that poor Emily has been cast aside as Eddie sings of his 'brand new girlfriend' in 'Good Weekend'. In contrast, we also hear 'Bad Weekend' which follows the same lyrical theme as The Cribs 'Hey Scenesters'-a verbal middle finger to fashionistas everywhere. 'Rusted Guns Of Milan' is 'about how scary sex can be' Eddie informs us, another contrast, this time to the fantasy escapist theme of 'Moving To LA'.

Art Brut eventually wave goodbye to the sold out crowd, and make their way off stage, to continue the night at a local indie club. The audience are left in no doubt that whilst Art Brut might be making a steady climb to fame, their high quality songs will not be gracing venues as small as this for much longer, so to witness such a gig is quite a treat. As the band say themselves: “Art Brut are working towards World Peace, so anything that goes wrong is due to a plot against the band.”