Lauren Pritchard, Pete Lawrie

Emma Murphy 11/02/2010

Hailing from Jackson, Tennessee, Lauren started writing songs at the age of 14, since leaving Tennessee she has travelled a fair bit, experiencing the greatness of LA, having a total blast in New York and getting erm robbed in London where she currently resides. Taking to the stage, Lauren looks young and timid but as soon as she starts singing it is evident from her spirited and independent performance that she can look after herself. A haunting show with 'When the Night Kills the Day', the first song ever produced by Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons. A voice that far surpasses her age, very Carol King and in certain places and a definite reminder of Norah Jones when she first came to the public's attention. There's something so sincere about the performance, 'Wasted in Jackson' is a story about leaving her hometown, with words such as 'I'm wide awake now, breaking out, breaking out this sorry town' seem very personal to her performance and only fuels the fact of what a prolific songwriter she already is.

A performance that is tempo perfect, honest and sincere from this independent young lady who is clearly a talented singer, musician and songwriter the beauty of Lauren Pritchard is that she is able to convey her emotions through her songs. With an EP named 'The Jackson Sessions EP' due for release on April 5th, Lauren could definitely be a strong contender to enter the current cut throat music market.