Mika Bomb, The Pipettes, The Boyfriends, Pirahna Deathray


A charity gig with a difference, not one for a disaster zillions of miles away but one for the drummer of Mika Bomb who is right here in the room, a guy who lost his legs to blood poisoning. Ergi is clearly loved by everyone in the room and a crowd of his friend's bands have got together to help him out, and what a great line up.

Something has happened to Piranha Deathray, they have really become very good. I liked them before but now things have moved up a notch, Jeremy's guitar sound heads between Sonic Youth and Mark Knopler, the bassist is the coolest person in the world and frontman Jeremy's vocals have a multipitched indie swagger to them. A really great show, I remember them once described as an uncle whose knee you would rather not sit on: yep, that sums it up.

The Boyfriends come on, like a band who are used to playing to 7000 people which, of course, now they are. I am pretty sure that a large number of tonight's audience are here for the Pippettes and I think that many of these people will slowly begin to realise that although they would rather sleep with the Pippettes (and there are some filthy slimy toe rags in the audience), they would rather listen to The Boyfriends. I have reviewed this band so many times now but each time they take it up a level. Tonight's star is Richard Adderly, his guitar work is intricate, savage and delicate but he makes it look like he is just strumming a C chord. It's totally effortless. The set missed “No Tomorrow” and “Brave Little Soldiers” which is a shame. I think they should still play these "old classics" because, to many people, especially on a night like this, they are new instant gems. “Adult Acne” is a great song and I hope that it does well for them on its release next week. I really think that a re-release of “No Tomorrow” would do them a massive favour; still, a great set from a great band.

The Pippettes are next, the MySpace pervs are there at the front, the "whoops wait a minute Mr Postman" tunes are there and the girls look fabulous and the boys look like they shopped at the wrong charity shop. I think that is the idea?? Juxtaposing Sassy and scruffy?? "Popular culture etc...."
It all seems a bit contrived today, which is a shame because on my previous live viewings, they had seemed so alive. Maybe they were just tired! They hot up totally for "Making Shapes" and "We are the Pippettes" where they claim “that they are the prettiest girls that we have ever seen.” They are pretty hot I will give them that. I think the tongue in cheek dirtyness of it is great for a while but it does get a bit "Benny Hill" and so does some of the audience. The girls almost look worried, there wont be a dry sheet in the front row tonight. Catchy songs though, they will go far, and they are a great band, the backing band are great, particularly the drummer. (If you like these guys check the Dansettes too).

Mika Bomb are not tired, they are possibly the coolest band on the planet. They are razor sharp, tight as ***k and honest to goodness no bulls**te punk rock, the world needs more of this. Too much noncing about of late in the alternative music scene! They look great, they sound even better, they throw themselves about, the drummer who is helping out for now is great, every song is for Ergi, every song's a belter.

I go home thoroughly satisfied after an excellent evening of music, where Ferris Bueller was doing the raffle too!!