Kate Nash, Bridgitte Aphrodite

Claire Gaffney 13/10/2010

With her 2007 album Made of Bricks gaining the number 1 spot, as well as being named Best Female Artist at the BRIT Awards 2008, it was always assumed that there was more to come from Miss Kate Nash.

And so, in 2010 she released her second album My Best Friend is You, packed a few bags and boarded a bus to tour it allowing her fans to bask in her light.

After enjoying a dance side stage to support act Bridgitte Aphrodite, who's energy and wackiness did not go down well with one person who threw a "liquid substance"
at her, Nash stormed the stage to stand up for her friend and confront the person. Fans roared as the Londoner gave the culprit a finger wagging and a few words, the night was only to set get better.

Setting the Stage up seemed to take forever but as the lights died, fans screamed. To a backing track of rolling thunder and flashing lights Kate Nash walked on stage in a printed one piece, sipped a drink then pick up her guitar and started the night with I Just Love You More. She graced fans with a few words about her trip to Mark Toney for ice-cream and after cheers and giggles continued her set with her second single from the new album, before taking to the piano for the much loved single Mouthwash.

Feminism oozed from her, as all night as Kate was stood up for woman and built them up to stand for themselves, which gained much respect from the mostly female audience. Dedicating Skeleton Song to the size zero's and respecting that bulimia is an illness she aired disgust at pressure put on people to be like that, telling people to be happy with who they are. This included her stand against homophobia with I've Got a Secret.

Nash's vocals were amazing through out the night and fans voices were heard as favourite such as Mariella, Do-Wah-Doo and Foundations were played like anthems. "KATE NASH, KATE NASH" echoed around the academy as fans cheered for an encore and she was only too pleased to make their night. Once again gracing the stage with drink in hand and huge smile on her face she opted for an acoustic
guitar. Fans watched on in excitement and as she strummed the first chords of Birds they went crazy. She was supported word for word by a couple of thousand back up singers.

The night was ended with Kate smashing every key on her piano (not literally, unfortunately) during Merry Happy another fan favourite the crowd showing their appreciation with whistling, clapping and screaming. All I know from this night is that, my wait to see Kate Nash was well worth it.