Maple Leaves, The Hardy Boys

Hamish Gibson 20/10/2010

Tonight's gig was always set to be a feast of all things twee and charming, and it delivered more than its expectations.

Newcomers Johnny Reb were first. Despite extreme intoxication and ensuing technical difficulties, the five piece stormed through their set with undoubted confidence and energy. These guys have something unique going for them in their Babyshambles-esque sound, and with the right direction and motivation have the potential to become a real hit on Glasgow's live circuit.

Glasgow veterans The Hardy Boys were next up. All dressed up for the occasion, the band's years of experience were put to good use through a perfectly honed brand of indie pop-rock just right for the night. Despite obvious similarities to Belle & Sebastian and their ilk, the band kept the music very much their own, while still underlining all that's great about the genre. That of course being mixed-gender vocals matched with overtly twee and jangly instrumentation. Ranging in pace, tone and seriousness, The Hardy Boys' set highlight was the dancey 'You're Just What I Need', but highlights aside, the whole damned set was good.

Maple Leaves then came on promoting their new EP Golden Ether. Opting for 'pop' over 'indie', the band showed more folky influences. The cheery-faced quartet put on a display which proved exactly why Glasgow is the world hub of such melodically pleasing indie.

With made-for-happy-music vocals from singer Anna Miles (who also sang on God Help The Girl), all the members played their part in what was quite frankly a professionally tight and confident performance. Tracks 'Golden Ether' and closer 'Each Other' were probably the most notable of the night. It was refreshing to see the genre continuing to progress and change, as evidenced by a night of sublime indie pop.