I Blame Coco, Kyla La Grange

Luke Hannaford 26/10/2010

Kyla La Grange was the support tonight, it was like listening to Duffy mixed with Joni Mitchell, that was my opinion any way. I would like to check out this artist a bit more. On the night I could barely hear what was being played as I was too close to the speakers. Kyla La Grange was a youngish blonde girl she had sparkly eye makeup and had a backing singer accompanied by two guitarists and a drummer. I enjoyed a few songs of hers even though I cannot recall the name of them. Next up was I Blame Coco which the wait seemed to last forever.

During our long wait one of the punters nabbed the bassist's beer from the beer holder on his mic stand with various people smirking and tutting. Seemed like we were waiting for ever but we had heard Coco was doing an acoustic session at Urban Outfitters beforehand so understandable that she might be taking awhile to get to and from the venue. After a numerous amounts of sound checks and the crowd shouting out for Coco, Coco and the band finally appeared! Having previously interviewed Coco I was quite intrigued into how her live performance on stage was going to be. During the interview she seemed a little shy and very uncomfortable. But that soon changed as she bounced onto the stage. Coco seemed full of energy and welcomed Manchester and thanked them for coming to see her play. There were many hardcore fans at the front dancing and singing along to 'Party Bag' even though her debut album hasn't been released in the UK until the 8th November. Coco was very engaging with the crowd despite seeming reserved and withdrawn during the interview. Singing 'Self Machine' Coco was fisting the air along with the beats. Her songs are a mixture of pop, ska and reggae with catchy beats. Her songs and style of music is nothing like her father's music a.k.a Sting but you might be able to tell hints of her father in her.

Informing fans of her next single 'In Spirit Golden' Coco was pointing the mic into the crowd getting them to sing along with her. She was more confident in herself on stage bending down and reaching out to fans with one lass going hysterical that she touched Coco. During one of her songs another fan pushed her way to the front to give Coco a note. Coco then read the note while singing at the same time proving that women are better at multitasking! Not sure what the note was about but it seemed to tickle her fancy.

Coco swigging a bottle of lager down her before she played her last song 'Caeser', which she had collaborated with Swedish pop star Robyn. Unfortunately no Robyn tonight though! This time she wanted the whole of the crowd to dance and sing along with her. The song was originally to piss off her record label because they were being too pushy to Coco in what direction she should take. So this was a rebellion with the crowd getting very hyped it was certainly a good closer. I'm not sure if she had played an encore but Coco is one to watch out for in the future.