John Bishop, Sunshine Tour

Joe Coyle 15/11/2010

Rating: 5/5

“Enjoy your time in the sunshine” remarked one of John Bishop's friends and therefore sprung the seed from which this tour grew.

Charting John's rise to fame and subsequent trials and tribulations. The “Sunshine” tour runs until June 2011 at venues across the U.K.

John seems pleasantly baffled by his success but determined to enjoy his time in the sunshine no matter how brief it is. “Living the dream” as he succinctly puts it.

Bishop recounts us with stories of playing small venues where no one turns up, shows being cancelled as he is on his way to them and how his friends and family are bemused and unimpressed with his new found showbiz lifestyle.

John describes his past life as a Sales Director of a pharmaceutical company and how he quit to become a stand up comedian. The hardships faced by his family and having to go for a number unsuitable jobs including adverts and voice over work . Newer stories might be construed to be name dropping in other circumstances, but in John's hands they are expertly handled in a self deprecating way.

John earns his laughs with these well crafted, well polished anecdotes, and each one flows into the next with such ease. An effortless raconteur, Bishop delivers genuine everyman likeability. His scouse charm and easy delivery are a joy to behold. That's not to say that John isn't laugh out loud funny. Bishop brings the audience close to tears through laughter on more than one occasion.
In fact during his show was amongst the most I have laughed at a comedy gig ever.

John manages to crack up the level of hilarity even higher with a video of what his life might have been like if his current situation wasn't as prevalent as it is. This is followed by a brief epilogue and then he is gone to a thoroughly deserved standing ovation.