Gogol Bordello, Were Comin Rougher Tour

Joe Coyle 15/12/2010

Rating: 5/5

Epiphany - A sudden, intuitive perception of/or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or common place occurrence or experience.

More like a party than a gig. Gogol Bordello breeze into London a week or so before Christmas and bring their unique brand of gypsy folk punk rock with them. Feeding off the audience and vice versa Gogol Bordello are electrifying tonight. It is impossible not to get swept along by the mood and enthusiasm the band create.

Ukrainian lead singer Eugene Hutz cuts a compelling figure at the centre of the band with his impossibly skinny debauched frame topped with a fabulous Cossack moustache. Eugene leads his ragtag posse of musicians like a Ringmaster leading his Circus at a Eastern European drinking festival. Every single member of the band look like they are having the best night of their lives.

An extravaganza of epic proportions at times. Mixing guitar, fiddle and accordions with a thumping back line of bass and drums makes Gogol Bordello a heady proposition. Rabble rousing to the extreme. Eugene Hutz's ramshackle collective provide song after song of upbeat drinking songs. Surprisingly intimate as a show. The interaction between the crowd and Gogol Bordello is one of comradeship and shared experience.

American Wedding and Start Wearing Purple are greeted rapturously by a crowd who lap up each party song with as much glee as they are delivered with. The band then leave the stage for a few minutes and return for an sombre acoustic encore filled with emotion, showing that as a band they definitely have more than one string to their bow.

Gogol Bordello should be an example to other live bands. Attacking every note with musical enthusiasm, creating a party atmosphere which spreads faster than swine flu.

An epiphany. I never really thought live music could be this fun and long may it continue. Hail to the Gypsy folk punk party kings.