Does It Offend You Yeah, No support

Mark Williams 10/01/2011

Fresh off the back of supporting Linkin Park in Madison Square Gardens, Does It Offend You Yeah return home for a one off night at XOYO in London. A miserable, dank January Monday night it has to be said, with no support act and only a 50 minute set they've got their work cut out for them. But what a way to rise to the challenge; by the time they're finished the crowd was accelerated to a hot, sweaty Saturday night frenzy.

Frontman James Rushent leads the charge, bounding around the stage to the Godzilla meets Tokyo electro riffs of 'We are rockstars' and new song 'We are the Dead'. Adding to the energy are new members Matty Derham on guitar and Chloe Duveaux on bass. Chloe should get a special mention for shrugging off the typical mould of the icy indie bass chick. For too long have indie bands stuck a girl on bass into the corner, just to show they're not too 'Rawk'. But Chloe is no reserved Auf Der Mauer, head banging and pounding away on her bass. Drummer Rob Bloomfield keeps all the break beats live and fresh, and Dan Coop on Synth plays a role similar to Liam Howlett's in The Prodigy: keeping everything dirty and squealchy and most importantly 'almost' live. The last thing you want with a rock/rave band is to think that what you're hearing is all a backing track. And the failure of a laptop halfway through one song almost scuppers that live feeling. Luckily though the 'turn it off, turn it on again' moment is brief and the energy doesn't wane.

DIOYY's music is built for bouncing, sure they have some indie poppy moments and sometimes they veer off into vocoder daft punk studio fiddling, but what clearly gets the crowd moving is the BIG BEATS. 'Attack of the 60 ft. Lesbian Octopus' being a good example. No angst or heavy themes here. Just wigging out dancefloor good times. Brilliant.

Their new album 'Don't say we didn't warn you' is due out in March!

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