Love In The Asylum, No support

Joe Coyle 21/01/2011

Rating: 5/5

Sometimes the universe converges and results in a very special performance. Tonight is one of those nights. It remains a mystery to me why Love in the Asylum are still unsigned.

After a successful season supporting The View on tour, Love in the Asylum step up and play the most high profile gig of their career so far at the exclusive Kensington Roof Gardens, and step up they do with considerable style, unlike the bands penchant for terrible shirts.

The venue is bristling with excitement as Love in the Asylum hit the stage. It is obvious the band didn't need to win this audience over. Yet from the opening notes of 'Hay Hay' the quality of the band's music and live performance is fore fronted tonight.

The Caribbean feel of 'Gold Hands' and straight ahead pop rock of 'Bonfire Heart' are dispatched with effortless abandon to a crowd firmly in the palm of the band's hand. The delightful Ska influenced 'Hangover' follows dragging itself from it's eerie organ start to a cacophonous finish.

Bassist Charlie Elliot takes centre stage for the punky high tempo 'On my own'. Showing that the band don't have to rely on Dan Dunne's strong gritty vocals to engage an audience fully and demonstates effectively what a mighty front line Love in the Asylum really do have, ably backed by Paul Lane's thundering drums and Thom Greene's pulsating swirling keyboards.

Love in the Asylum save the best for last as they unleash the double header of 'Pull the Plug' with its impossibly catchy sing-along harmonies and the incendiary 'Tommy' which leaves the audience in raptures with its driving beats soaring vocals and then the band are gone.

Love in the Asylum are a band who truly transcend the sum of their parts and their musical magpie type feel gives the set depth and an eclecticism that few bands can currently touch.
Tonight's performance was magical at times and Love in the Asylum are definitely a band to keep more than one eye on.