Alun Cochrane, Joe Lycett

Joe Coyle 27/01/2011

The Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall is a grand room to see comedy. High ceilings, massive windows with fantastic views, impeccably laid out with photographic portraits of stars from times gone by on the walls. From the moment you arrive this venue screams class.

To open this venue new to comedy are the multi award winning duo of Alun Cochrane and Joe Lycett.

First up was Joe Lycett who proved to be a bit of a revelation. Winner of the Chortle 2009 student award and the Chortle 2010 best newcomer. It seems inconceivable that this engaging comedic personality will remain as unknown as he currently is for long. Confidently witty and relaxed, decked out in a cardigan which will remain long in the memory. He takes us on a tour of the delightfully barmy, slightly other worldly, place which is his mind. Playfully conversing with the audience about cheese and other middle class pursuits. Joe's delivery is effortless. Whilst his material sometimes lacks in substance he creates his own comedic world and lives carefree in it. Definitely one to watch.

Sometimes following a surprisingly successful warm up act can be troublesome. Alun Cochrane manages follow Joe Lycett's act with an impressive turn of his own. Alun manages to walk the fine line of the mundane and the hilarious, comedy and tragedy. Anecdotes flow one after the other with increasing accuracy.

Alun deals in thoughtfully laid back observations of everyday life. Taking us on a trip through his life, pondering such inconsequential matters as the shortening of the words 'spaghetti bolognese' to 'spag boll'. These moments contain such comedy gold and insight you wonder why you haven't thought of them first. His comedy, like his life doesn't always have a punchline but Alun makes the journey a rewarding one with delightful asides and a deft touch.

Alun's show tonight like the venue was a wonderfully classy surprise. Alun remains on the outside of the comedy elite without good reason, maybe it is because of his languid delivery but on this evidence his time will come soon.

The Elgar Room comedy season at the Royal Albert Hall continues with the following dates: 16th March Doc Brown supported by Naz Osmanoglu and 28th April Alex Zane supported by Rob Beckett. For tickets please visit