The Automatic

Yasmin H 09/06/2006

Free show? Brilliant. The nine in-store appearances made by The Automatic to promote their new single release 'Monster' and forthcoming debit LP, came to a close in High Street HMV. Second performance of the day in the city, after their less populated show at Swordfish Records, a change of clothes later sees the Automatic with now a much larger gathering, about to try their best to impress. They begin with an unknown song, off their soon to be released album. It's not bad, but "Here's something a bit better" claims the ever screaming keyboardist, Pennie. And it is; Raoul, (a song written about a guy that works in a café near them) sounds very funky and crisp. I'm impressed. As they worked their way through their released singles, the crowd didn't seem too enthusiastic, but there was a fixture of attention on the awfully over-excited Pennie, or perhaps the constant screaming repetition of Rob's vocals. (Once you notice it, it's really hard to notice anything but it.)
His all over the shop and up the stairs antics were exciting and energetic and although The Automatic don't have much to offer us lyrically (see new single Monster), they definitely give a spot on performance. Just like they've been rehearsing for years. Oh wait, they have, and it's definitely paid off.