The Jessica Question, The Sequins

Jimmy Savage 03/11/2004

Hailing from the same screwed up rock as Guarana, Dizzy Moth, The Risk, Nemisis, my self and of course Paul Young come the excellent Jessica Question. 3 proper Guernsey lads on a mission to take the UK by storm. They are loosely based in a house in Leicester and have been playing in the midlands, Brighton and of course tonight at the pleasure unit. Pete Dohertys living room. Two bands have failed to show up to the newly wired east end alternative haunt leaving the evening to The Sequins and The Jessica Question.

I arrive early and get drunk quickly, The Sequins are superb, everybody knows how I feel about Morrissey (I hate him/ he is boring). Again another band who are compared to The Smiths but these guys have two rock guitarists, one of them uses an ibanez too, they arent bed wetting shoe gazers, the lead singer is camp and dances about a bit but thats a good thing. Monkey Arran prefers the last half of their set, I enjoy it all especially the wild guitar playing oreintal kid, Jesus can he play. The songs are pretty and they stick in your head. I want to see these guys play with luxembourg and the boyfriends as soon as possible! Great stuff.

Then come The Jessica Question, they are called this due to a Chasing Amy style lesbian turning attempt that failed, ask them about it not me! I'v listened to the album many times and wondered exactly how the f**k a 3 piece could pull this immense sound off, the answer is more pedals than a car factory and a clear and apparent desire to rock, Jon swirls on bass, Andy dances about on his pedals and screams like James Dean Bradfield. James is Guernseys answer to a mini Jon Bonham, bang bang bang bang bang! You GIITTV people will love this. They sound a bit like SMASH too! "Houdini" and "Temazepam" are great songs and stand out a mile as does the unpronouncable and spellable last track which was actually an encore! You don't get many of them in this dirty old city! They have 2 more London gigs lined up, both with Rhesus. The second at the GIITTV festival on the 22nd Jan. A great gig a great night, role on Nov 30th, same venue,We love you pleasure unit!