Steven Daniels 29/04/2004

Tonight sees the meteoric rise of Keane take another step onwards and upwards into the stars. Bounding onstage like it's the MEN Arena, the band launch into old B-Side Can't Stop Now. The crowd receive them raptuously, as the band then head straight into the epic, swooping (soon to be hit) single Everybody's Changing, proof if any were needed of the bands success. This time last year when the song was released as a single, it got a smattering of critical acclaim, and was released to little more than a shrug by the record buying public. However there's no accounting for a bit of publicity, and now the masses are here to adore Keane and their brand of pop. We are treated to a selection from the band's upcoming debut album Hopes and Fears, along with all the old singles and a few of their respective B-Sides. Potential future single Bend and Break stands out as a shimmering pop gem similar to the bands first 3 singles, and She Has No Time is a beautiful ode to love lost. One thing that is certainly evident about Keane's performance tonight is the sheer brilliance of singer Tom's voice. Soaring above what should be humanly capable, his voice adds such a silky edge to the songs. The crowd are rowdy, but there is little knowledge of any songs pre Somewhere Only We Know, however it doesn't detract from the fact that Keane are on a rise that could see them headlining every festival in sight by next year, and on tonight's evidence, this is their time.