The Hot Puppies

Bill Cummings 00/00/0000

The Lady fest is a very worthwhile, self financed organzisation that aims to promote the role of females in the music industry. Based in the Welsh Club in Cardiff this event included three floors including , multi media art exhibits, welsh solo folk performers, and live bands on the top floor.

The highlight tonight was the Hot Puppies hailing from deepest Aberystwyth, tonight the band exude a delicious sexy ice cool synth, pop, rock that warms the coldest of hearts. Watching the Puppies your eyes are instantly drawn to the Enigmatic and foxy front woman Becky Newman her post punk dress sense(white kitten heels and customized short black dress)typify her style and her excellent vocals that fall somewhere between Gwen Stefani and PJ Harvey, she is partnered by Beth Gibson whose, bank of keyboards and synth flourishes that underly the Ramshackle charm of dirty rock ditties like "All Washed up". The Hot puppies new single “The Drowsing Nymph” sums up their excellent sound all clattering drums clashing with slashing guitars, driving keyboards and lush backing vocals as Gibson's keyboards duel with the arty punk rock vocalizing of Newman. The Hot Puppies are one of the most intriguing Welsh bands around as they fall into no real category, welding the spiky art rock sound of the past to driving synth sounds of the eighties.

Sal's front woman in contrast to the attitude of Newman's ice cold stage presence, employ a patronizing smile ( hardly metal) to go along with their cheesy, formulaic "Iv seen it all before" metal moves, and riffage.