The Fallingovers, Luxembourg, Rhesus, The Fades, The International Karate Plus

Bill Cummings 22/01/2005

Ah Gspot; devised originally by Jim and Me as a party/ gig in celebration of GIITTV's continued and increased popularity in the world of the internet. Plus to simply celebrate the sheer diversity of the bands involved in our forums. However In the wake of the Tsunami in south East Asia the event took a more charitable bent, we would now regather ourselves under the banner of the Tsunami Releif . We would donate all proceeds to a worthy cause and two little ladies would collect money in charity buckets.(finally raising a healthy 515) Resembling the pub in Only Fools and Horses the Pleasure Unit has a distinctly 1970's feel floral wall paper, a Harley in the corner and a old style bar. Pleasant! Packed to the gills with movers and shakers in the local scene: Eddie Argos and David Barnett of The Boyfriends and even Dave Gorman were to be spotted by keen indie watchers. Down to the bands - kicking the whole event off The Jessica Question from Guernsey produced a powerful rocking sound. Jim Rhesus noted: “The Jessica question we on fire superb set melodic and loud. Wish they had a bigger crowd though." As the place began to fill up a new act took to the stage: Piranha Deathray looking and sounding unique even Mike from the Empty Vessels: “Liked Piranha Deathray (even though the singer looked disturbingly like K Cobain as Nick Cave in a Daz advert suit)” Jimmy Rhesus also reckoned that their “fucking showmanship” was ” excellent” and that they were the “coolest looking band ever.”

1984, originally called Judan Suki arrived on stage all bluesy/jazz/rock, like John Lee Hooker if he had been impregnated with the soul of Television. The song “Godisinthetv” was great and should by all rights be on the first GIITTV compilation! Elsewhere “Jangles” had a funky jangly feel that got everyone moving. The band even managed to crack a joke or two with their frontman proclaiming at one point that they were called “Art Brut” (to a collective gasp!) only to later admit “We are really called 1984!”

Ciccone from Human records, bounded on stage and were impressive. They produced a sassy girl fronted indie sound with added keyboards and a clattering rhythm. It delighted many - Jimmy Savage reckoned they were “loud, funny and punky, never seen damo drum that good , he is the best drummer in the world though!”

Next up were The IK Plus with their fantastic rhythmic Pixies sound, this was the first time I had ever seen this band and I wasn't dissapointed. Excellent songs like “Nexus in a chain of thought” with its amazing bass and clattering drums topped off by a beach boyish melody will surely propel this band to massive things in the next few years.

Charging on stage next were The Fades, powerful dynamic driven punk even Jim Rhesus was impressed these guys are “tighter than ever and they are usually tight!” A song like “Caca” from their last album shows how far the Fades are progressing. I have to admit I missed most of their set as I was having a McDonalds moment sorry guys! Joyzine noted that “The Fades appear to have two settings: fast and loud, and fucking fast and loud. Both are effective when at their best: 'Social Misfits' sees them bare their teeth for a vicious barbed guitar assault, and 'Another Song About Motorbikes' is a proper full on knees up for which they are joined onstage by Eddie Argos, Jim Rhesus and Keith TOTP, all of whom would be appearing onstage later; but they need a few more songs like these to elevate themselves above the multitude of other bands currently plundering the back catalogues of The Clash and The Ruts."

Next up were festival curators and practically the driving force behind this whole event Rhesus. Jim climbs on stage with Wayne and Arran they have a lot of energy these boys, and a scathing punk rock sound. New single “Art Is Dead” sounds brilliant with its clattering drums and fantastical guitar sounds they sound like early clash. Elsewhere 'De-Education' sounded great as it's infectious chorus got everyones' heads bobbing. Joyzine noted “their performance outstripped everything that I thought them capable of, and elevated them in my esteem from a good band with a lot of potential, to something genuinely special - a band that could escape the backrooms of London pubs and change people's lives.”

The final “proper” band on the bill Luxembourg arrived on stage with a suave cool David Shah looking every inch the English dandy in his elegant tie and jacket. Luxembourg really excelled themselves, living up to every hope I had ever had about them live taking on the ghosts of Roxy Music, Pulp and The Smiths they either engendered love or hate in everyone here. Excellent synth driven beasts like “Let us have it” with its beautiful melodrama, classy vocals, and scathing guitar lines are a class apart here tonight. Elsewhere the single “What the housewives don't tell you “ is gloriously a sexually frustrated anthem that moves effortlessly from “camp” to touching in one fell swoop. David Shah dives into the crowd at one point holding a member of the crowds hand aloft in a show of devotion and celebration. Be in no doubt Luxembourg have the strength and sound to reach into your heart.

Art Brut 4 were first on and they blew Jim Rhesus “away I am sorry for not taking you guys any where near as seriously I should have done you surprised and blew away EVERYONE!” According to Joyzine they were “a bunch of kids with cheap instruments who colour in the keys of their synths, and play three songs of messy, shouty indie punk, involving a singer with a mouth full of metal and one member whose sole contribution appears to be to press the on button on the drum machine and write "ME! " on a large sheet of plain paper. From any serious critical position, they're awful, but that's not what tonight's about - they give it their all and as they come off, I hear the guitarist enthuse to her bandmates "We're a real band now!", and it makes my heart leap.” Next up were the indie rag bag of Art Brut 69 everyones gives a collective gasp including Jim Rhesus: "Fucking hell, James Rocks / Mike Art Brut and Ed Idiot form a fucking band!" They make a discordinant bunch of semi rehersed noises informing us at one point that "We knew we were playing today so we thought we'd rehearse upstairs for five minutes before we came on" It shows. But the point is this is avant garde indie innit?! Or is it just a bit of fun?

Last up were headliners The Fallingovers a super group containing Chris Chinchilla, Argos, James Rocks, Mahoney, The Biscuit, Mike Art Brut and even our curator Jim Rhesus. Firing through messy indie rock versions of "Fuck the MSP! and "Art BRUT TOP OF THE POPS!" By the end the stage is invaded in a mass of bodies!Forget the Others this is proper crowd invasion. The barrier between band and audience distegrates and we are all one. So that was the day that started at 2pm, a massive event full of some great up and coming bands some fun and some great DJ sets. Hopefully the next Gspot shall be touching your pleasure unit soon arf! Keep your eyes peeled for future events.