The Oxfam Glamour Models, Thomas Tantrum

Jimmy Savage 18/08/2006

Friday night on Old Street is the usual "mish mash of pretenders, wannabes, have to bes, who don't know what they wanna bes" (to quote Ciccone). Dan Lobster and I dodge these people as we try to find the secret door at the Hoxton Macbeth. A few weeks ago the force and the power of a band called Thomas Tantrum blew me away: a band fronted by the very sweet, polite, shy looking and slightly tipsy Megan Thomas and her very talented associates. The first thing that struck me about these guys is that they are such nice people, as we met them before they went on. Then we saw them play.

Tonight is no different. They take to the stage all shy and coy and win hearts almost instantly. Very professional without being wooden, all smiles and courtesy come the stunning songs of a band that manage to love Sonic Youth and yet not take themselves too seriously. Some songs are reminiscent of the Pixies fantastic "Caribou."

"Pshandy” the final track, is the standout of many standouts. The line "Every thing is every thing is every thing is you" will spin in your head weeks after you see them. Since they have just landed a support slot with Bromheads Jacket, I hope this does mean that more people will see them. I only worry that they might be a bit too good for the fans of the current mediocre indie scene. You got to love the squeaks and the screaming as much as the discordance and the memorable songs. The bass sound is great, both guitars superb and the drummer, who uses a bass beater, is the king shit.

The Oxfam Glamour Models are up next. What can be said about this band? They just don't give a rats arse about tuning, singing in tune, equipment that works, or listening to the sound man when he tells them to turn their guitars down. Song one starts ("Kick out the Gramms"), Emmet screams out "Don't worry Mum I won't get addicted", he can hardly be heard above the din of guitars and feedback, the only person left on stage is the drummer. Emmet grabs my pint and takes a slug, songs peel off, these guys are like Untitled Musical Project and are probably as good if you could only hear what the hell is going on.

They are an acquired taste and I can see regular readers of this site not liking them. But I'm ready for OGM, I'm just not sure the rest of the world is. They ask me to buy a t-shirt; if I had any spare money I would buy one for everyone in the whole place. This was performance at its best: if not its most musical.