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Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 information

Currently business as usual. There are no significant delays in posting or interruptions to supply of parts.

Are they in stock? Is there a waiting list?

All the pedals on this site are in stock. If something goes out of stock or we're waiting on parts, that pedal will be temporarily removed from the site. There are no waiting lists.

Can I daisy-chain them? Can I use DC power?

Yes. For the sake of the environment we prefer it if you power your pedals with an external power supply. The pedals have a Boss-type 9V DC jack, center-negative the same as Boss, MXR, new Electro Harmonix and most pedal brands. Works with daisy-chained adapters and 'power bank' type things. Never use AC power with any Fredric Effects pedals.

Battery power

Don't leave it plugged-in if you're using battery power! In common with other effects builders, Fredric Effects uses switching input jacks.


All pedals are covered for 2 years for the original purchaser for manufacturing defects and component failure (not misuse). After that, we will still repair your pedal for a nominal charge.


We regularly post pedals around the world, typically £9 to the USA and Europe for one pedal, a little more for two. Within the UK, pedals are sent first class signed-for, which costs £5 but is tracked and insured.

What's the difference between the Zombie Klone and the Golden Eagle?

Both pedals are exactly the same electronically and sound-wise. Following the success of the Zombie Klone we introduced the Golden Eagle due to requests for more traditional artwork.

Fredric Effects on bass guitar

Lots of the effects we sell work great on bass too. The FY-2 (Unpleasant Companion) was famously used by Radiohead's bassist, so we sell quite a few of these to bass players. The circuit hasn't been modified in any way for bass though. Bassists like the Ampeg Scrambler (Scrambled Brainz) as it has a clean blend control. The bassist in Future of the Left uses one of our Green Muff clones. Finally, we sell a 'bass modified' version of the Harmonic Percolator with larger input and output capacitors to allow more low frequencies to pass through.

Why does the Harmonic Percolator volume drop with the diodes engaged?

The volume drop-off is intentional. The original Harmonic Percolators from the 70s came without the option to turn the clipping distortion off (so it was always in the 'down' switch position on your pedal). We really like the more open and less fuzzy sound without the clipping, so added this as an option. Without getting too techy, when you 'clip' the top and bottom of a waveform to cause distortion you lose some of the signal and therefore overall volume is reduced. Everything you could ever want to know about clipping here:

Can you build me something else?

Probably not at the moment, sorry! The current range keeps us very busy, however it never hurts to ask.

Can I have a special finish or custom artwork?

Unfortunately this isn't possible for single pedals, as Fredric Effects pedals are professionally powder coated and screen printed in batches. Occasionally there are alternate colours available, which are listed on this site or the Facebook page. If you are a band, record company or promoter interested in commissioning a batch of custom pedals, then please click here and get in touch as this is something we'd be keen to discuss.

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