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Barge Concepts 'Harmonic Percolator' schematic 5th March 2016

Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 2200 Service Manual 18th February 2010

Opamp IC Big Muff PCB layout 22nd December 2009

Musima Elgita wiring diagram schematic circuit 15th August 2009

Fredric Effects Telstar demo 16th May 2009

Weird pulsing ring mod effect 6th May 2009

Fredric effects Husk(er)y Wolf 14th April 2009

Fredric Effects Utility Perkolator 15th February 2009

Scumbag Hagstrom II rebuild, fin! 31st January 2009

Grumblier Wolf 28th January 2009

Greenwich and Maritime Museum 13th January 2009

Fredric Effects Grumbly Wolf 21st December 2008

Grumbly Wolf prototype 13th December 2008

More gingham Harmonic Percolators 18th November 2008

Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 2200 9th November 2008

Interfax Harmonic Percolator stripboard layout 23rd October 2008

Hagstrom Viking I pickup adventures 17th May 2008

New digital camera - Ricoh GX100 1st February 2008

I'd be lost without my furry alarm clock 22nd October 2006

Dude! 22nd August 2006

Holidays, guitar 23rd July 2006

Electrical Guitar Company custom 500 17th July 2006


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