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Fredric Effects are hand-made with care in North London, UK. They're boutique quality effects without excessive boutique price-tags. As guitarists, we like pedals to be small (MXR-sized is best!) and as fuss-free as possible. Anyone can build a huge crazy-sounding synth fuzz with six knobs, but we like to distill this into a small, crazy-sounding fuzz with only two knobs, maybe a switch, then complete the package with great original artwork.

Tim and Stacey from Fredric Effects both play guitar in (resting) London band The Sailplanes.

Fredric Effects are designed for years of use, with a focus on build quality and ensuring the finishes last.

High Quality:

  • Custom enclosures fabricated for Fredric Effects in North London
  • Professional powder coating and screen print by local companies
  • PCB construction (not perf or vero)
  • Handmade either one at a time or in small batches
  • Hard-wearing Cliff jacks
  • Reliable Alpha footswitches and pots

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