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King of Klone

The King of Klone features two highly sought-after boutique overdrive circuits. Complete with pro metallic gold powder coat finish and screen printed artwork. For when one Klone just isn't enough!

Combines two identical full klone circuits (charge pump, buffer intact) cascaded in a normal B-sized enclosure (see the comparison pic with the MXR Dist+ for an idea of scale). Use one channel for boost, one for overdrive, or have one on all the time - the possibilities are endless.

The pedals are hand-wired, and the twin PCBs are our own design. Powered by standard center-neg DC jack - no batteries!


Great one-minute demo by Regent Sounds

Here's a demo of the pre-production prototype. Each of the two stages of the King of Klone are the same as the brilliant sounding and well-regarded Fredric Effects Zombie Klone and Golden Eagle.

Buy one now - £225

Want stick-on feet?

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