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background image - photo of Prager Str in Dresden in the 70s
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Do The Weasel Stomp! MKII

Following the success of the first version of our Systech Harmonic Energizer-based pedals, we've come back with a new and further improved Do The Weasel Stomp! In addition to being a clone of the original Harmonic Energizer - capable of all the original HE sounds - it also features a foot-switchable fuzz circuit, closely modelled on the 70s IC Muff Fuzz, and an expression pedal input. As well as the foot switch for the fuzz circuit, the MkII pedal adds mini-pots to adjust the opamp gain and fuzz volume. Cranking the opamp gain produces the characteristic 'barking' filter sound heard in the Harmonic Energizer demo below. Thanks to the new master volume control, you can now get this sound at any volume.

What was the Systech Harmonic Energizer? It was an extremely interesting oddball filter/harmonic expander type pedal favoured by Frank Zappa. It could used as a treble or bass boost, and there's a cocked wah setting. Originals are very rare.

Do The Weasel Stomp! pedals feature brilliant custom artwork by Stacey Hine, professionally screenprinted onto powdercoated enclosures, for a lifetime of hard-wearing Weasel Stomping.

Expression input
The expression input works with expression pedals with 50k pots, with 0-50k resistance from ring to tip. Expression pedals vary widely in specification, so we just picked one which is commonly available, cheap and rugged and went with it... So this pedal works best with the Behringer FCV100 expression/volume pedal. Use it with a standard mono patch lead.


Christian of Magnetic Effects demo'd the MKI Weasel Stomp

And here's a demo of a couple of clowns explaining what the original does and how it works.

Buy one now - £160

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