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NOUVEAU Super Unpleasant Companion

The Fredric Effects Nouveau Super Unpleasant Companion is a combined Shin-Ei FY-2 and FY-6 Superfuzz clone in a custom enclosure which is slightly smaller than our Classic Super Unpleasant Companion. It features top-mounted jacks and has the controls on the front face.

The circuit is a faithful reproduction of both the FY-2 Companion Fuzz and FY-6 Superfuzz. Choose either with the toggle switch and the controls are:
FY-2: Fuzztone, Volume 
FY-6: Gain/Sustain, Volume, tone switch


Happy Mag's in-depth demo and review of the Nouveau Super Unpleasant Companion

Tales from Germanium Valley - an excellent demo

Buy one now - £185

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