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Super Unpleasant Companion

The Fredric Effects Super Unpleasant Companion is a combined Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz and FY-6 Superfuzz clone in a single enclosure that's exactly the same dimensions as the original Companion Fuzz.

We've been planning this one for a while, and are very proud of the result. We measured the last Shin-Ei (actually Kimbara branded) FY-2 to pass through our doors and got these new enclosures professionally fabricated to the same dimensions. They've improved upon the vintage boxes by using 1.2mm steel (still not heavy, but no longer bendy!) welding the joins, and using threaded inserts for the side screws. The enclosures are powder coated for a hard-wearing finish, and the classy 'Super Unpleasant Companion' name plates have also been professionally manufactured.

The circuit is a faithful reproduction of both the FY-2 companion fuzz and FY-6 Superfuzz. Choose either with the big toggle switch and the controls are:
FY-2: Fuzztone, Volume (little switch does nothing)
FY-6: Gain/Sustain, Volume, tone switch

NEW! Choose between two styles - Nouveau (smaller wedge enclosure with top mounted jacks) and Classic

NEW! Choose between two styles - Nouveau (L) and Classic (R)


Here's a comparison between the Fredric Effects pedal and the Jesus and Mary Chain's Shin Ei Fuzz Wah pedals. The comparison starts at 6:00.

Buy one now - £150

NEW! Choose between two styles - Nouveau (smaller wedge enclosure with top mounted jacks) and the Classic Shin-Ei style
If you're not sure what the difference is, please look at the pic with the yellow background further up the page.

Enclosure style

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