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Dresden Synth Fuzz


The Dresden Synth Fuzz is a quite unique pedal. Combining two synthy-sounding octave fuzzes run in parallel - an upper and lower octave fuzz - it covers the whole frequency range. It's dirty and snarly on the low notes, almost like a malfunctioning analogue synth, and relentlessly precise on the higher notes. It is always rewardingly noisy!

The big synth knob is simply the volume control. The small switch in the upper left selects either the upper or lower octave fuzzes or both of them combined.


Here's what the octave switch does:

Many thanks to Christian of Magnetic Effects for this full demo:

Preview demo

Courtesy of Tim Bricheno, here's a quick preview:

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Direct Prices

Harmonic Percolator: £95
Utility Perkolator: £95
Unpleasant Companion: £95
Grumbly Wolf: £95
Scrambled Brainz: £90
Demon Fuzz: £80
Dresden Synth Fuzz: £90
Green Muff: £90
I Got Me A Pocket Weasel: £90
Do The Weasel Stomp! £140
Super Unpleasant Companion £140
Kl*n Buffer £35
Foxrite £95
Zombie Klone £120
Golden Eagle £120
King of Klone £225
West Germany Tremolo £90
Mutant Fuzz £80


We post anywhere in the world, typically £10 to the USA and Europe for one pedal, a little more for two. Within the UK we use first class signed-for, which costs £5 but is tracked, insured and arrives the next working day.

Fredric Effects accept Paypal, but if you're in the UK you can save £5 on each pedal by paying by bank transfer instead.

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