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Grumbly Wolf prototype 13th December 2008

The first of eight (and I'm keeping one) here's what I've dubbed the Fredric Effects Grumbly Wolf. It's another combination of a modified MXR Dist+ with a Green Ringer (octave/ring mod) circuit aftwards, which sounds great. The trick with the wolf's eye is that it's one of the clipping diodes, so when the gain is cranked-up it illuminates with your playing. Pointless. Nifty. This prototype is painted, with a transfer, but the remaining pedals will be laquered grey cotton with stenciled design- like the one I've started below.

Unrelated, but here's a new Hagstrom II which I'm planning to fix-up over the chilly winter months. All the hardware has been removed for cleaning, but I don't fancy refinishing the body- it's got some nice 'character' as it is, so I'll just clean/shine it up as best I can. There's a couple of Viking I pickups I bought ages back that'll go great in this.


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.