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Febrrry 5th March 2007

Here's a list of things I've done recently, in roughly chronological order.

  • Got drunk before and at Silver Rocket. Was packed when we arrived and we didn't get back in until we were more drunk. Hence saw the penultimate band (bad) and Finlay (good).
  • Booked bands for next Redheaded night. So far Superman Revenge Squad, Pockets, Sailplanes. Ideally I still want one more sludgey/garagey band, possibly on first. Someone really unfashionable that sound great.
  • RAF Museum Hendon. Stacey pulled a sickie and we went for a drive. I can barely fit in the Short flying boat. Discovered fascination for seaplanes.
  • Amy Blue, 1984, Das Wanderlust at The Good Ship. As Indie Dad's blog mentions, this place is very smelly. It's also in Kilburn. Enjoyed bands except 1984 who sound like they've been to music college (Das Wanderlust are yelping theatrical twee-core, which sounds annoying and is, but good)
  • Opposition-T night at Bull & Gate. Called Traumattack, this unfortunately started far too late for a weeknight gig. Watched Venus Bogardus but had to vacate the venue during Sister, who sound like Shania Twain and were prefaced by the (female) singer grunting "let's go boys!"
  • Sold my '75 Fender Twin to a guy in Komakino, a band who wear black and (I assume) like Joy Division. Tested it in my room, sounded great, they left happy. Unfortunately they must've rattled it about on the way back to Derby as it immediately blew a valve on arrival. I've just learned they got it serviced for Â160 and then decided to sell it on again straight away. Puzzling. I'm after a silverface deluxe reverb to replace the twin.
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