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Live sound, Good Ship Bad Shit 11th February 2007

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Live sound is the bain of my/our lives. At the George Tavern we sounded good because the 'venue' is nice and open and well suited to hosting bands and we knew the sound guy we'd hired to be good at his job. At the Good Ship a few nights ago it was a fucking squally mess because the stage is in a pit, letting the sound bounce around madly, and the in-house sound guy there is crap at his job. As a result we can't hear ourselves, I get pissed off and play like shit, resulting in shit times all round. Shit times at ridgemont high. So the Good Ship is off our list for good. Unless maybe we can play the next one outside the stupid 'band pit'. Even then we'd need some serious paying.

Nice news is that I've got the George Tavern again on Saturday the 14th April for the next Redheaded Stepchild Records night. The lineup is still being sorted, but will post on here when it's done.

While on live sound, here are a few changes I've made to my amp situation. I cleaned-up and fitted new grille cloth to my Musicman, and replaced the 11 ton original speaker with a lightweight Celestion Century Vintage job so I can actually carry the bugger about. That it sounds better is also a bonus.
To make use of that 100 watts, I bought an empty Fender-style 2x12 cab from Tube Amp Doctor and fitted a couple more Century Vintage speakers (all of which I got cheap from Watford Valves).
Sounds good so far. Will use the full setup live for the first time at Silver Rocket in March.


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