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Travelol 7th August 2007

This is what I saw at dawn this morning, and what I'll probably see every Tuesday for the forseeable future. It's now 2pm, I've been up since 3:20am, yet don't feel any more wasted than on any other Tuesday. In fact, this morning was quite productive. I didn't fly on this Airbus, rather the Fokker 100 out of shot to the left. The rear-mounted engines on the Fokker made an alarming whirring sound on takeoff and landing, but I was engrossed in my Dee Dee Ramone book and couldn't give a shit.

You'll be pleased to learn last Friday/Saturday's 800 mile drive went off without a hitch. Not a single fuck-up or raised voice, interrupted by a vaguely pleasant stop in Hannover, chosen because the hotel boasted secure private parking (a bollow hoast it transpired). I had the schnitzelburger, Stacey had the frites.


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