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Shin-ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz 20th May 2009

UPDATE 2010:
I build an improved (with a volume boost) clone of the Shin-Ei FY-2 called the Unpleasant Companion:
The Fredric Effects Unpleasant Companion


On loan from a garage rocking friend of Stacey. He complained about the volume drop when engaged. It's quite an interesting sounding fuzz. Really harsh and unmusical, and the fuzz control doesn't affect the amount of fuzz, rather the fuzz tone: from nasal and chainsawy to woolly and gritty.

Both pots are B50k, so the volume is control is sketchy. To figure out if thing was supposed to sound the way it does, I built a clone on veroboard while watching The Sweeney that sounds nigh-on identical, complete with volume drop. My solution: chuck in the salty LPB-1. Now it's loud!


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.