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Brighton, Catch, RHS night 24th November 2006

Brighton gig went very well- possibly the biggest crowd we've played to, thanks primarily to headliners Lords receiving a fair bit of press at the moment. Their set was gloriously deep southern sludge, with clever bits. I like more spindley annoying elements in music (been listening to lots of Crime and the City Solution recently, in which Bonney's sometimes ludicrous vocals and southern-gothic-by-numbers arrangements are only saved by Rowland S Howards brilliant scratchy guitar playing), but enjoyed much of Lords' set anyway. The local band on the bill unfortunately had elements of the dull Bohren I mentioned in the last post, but had also been listening to Foals recently.

Would [band] look like absolute cocks if we dropped the definate article too?

I kinda wish this was the last show we'd played with our outgoing set (it's being retired for reasons of familiarity-->contempt) but unfortunately we played Catch a couple of nights ago and were the victims of 'bad sound'. Which means half the venue thought we were plain shit, and left the other half feeling pity for us and trying to latch-on to the quieter passages not lost in the squall. This was one of those gigs where we'd have been better off had the sound guy let us get our onstage volume right between us and merely amplified the vocals. I mean, Catch isn't a big place.

So the plan is to play a brand new set, however short this may be, at a night I'm/we're organising for the 13th January under the RHS records tagline.


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