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1976 Hagstrom Scandi 3rd July 2008

One of the rarer Hagstrom guitars, this very well-made strat-alike was produced from 1976 until the company gave up in the early eighties. This one is number 111 from the first batch of 200 (approx 5-6 hundred Scandis were made in all), and as such didn't come with a Scandi logo and was officially called the HIII/Scandi. It does feature some really cool Hagstrom amp knobs though, and some interesting single coil pickups (with individual polepieces, wow) not found on other Hagstrom guitars. I've been too busy working my ass off to play the thing loud, so I'll write an update on how it sounds later.

Thanks to David from (who owns number 112) I've been able to determine that the wiring and electronics in mine are original, and that it left the factory with the 3 vols, 1 tone setup.


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.