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Asterix the Balls 29th September 2006

More shows. Last week we played three in a row, which shouldn't be a big deal, but in London logistics are always a hassle. Brief summaries:
Wed: some guys calling themselves 'ebe recordings' wasted our time by having us play for their friends upstairs at the enterprise, Camden. We fucked-off the moment they shut the door preventing anyone else coming in from downstairs.
Thurs: a fundraiser for Union Theatre project. Went very well, played to responsive and arty audience. Apparently they made Â350 which isn't bad at all.
Fri: grumpy night at Do We Need A Reason in Bethnal Green. No-one (save a couple of old punks embarassing themselves) who was at this quite well-attended night seemed to want to be there. I enjoyed Wretched Replica's set and they came accross as stuck-up shits.

On Saturday my back was in massive pain from lifting the heavier bits of gear in and out of venues for three days. So decided to finally get the smaller more practical amp for little gigs I've been mulling over for months. Initally wanted Fender 70s Vibrolux 2x10", but they're too rare, then considered a 70s Musicman 210 which is nigh-on the same amp, before plumping for a Musicman 112RP (reverb, whacky and useless phaser). I bought it from a nice guy called Martin in Birmingham last night for a very reasonable Â295 and chatted about guitars for a bit. Thankyou sooo much Stacey for keeping me company, I'll treat you soon :-)


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