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Clerks 2, Darkroom 12th December 2006

Watched Clerks 2 a couple of nights ago. This has to be the worst film of the year. Depressing too, but not in a poignant way, it was just sad. Randal and Dante are now old, sweaty and puffy-faced, lazily gabbing the same worn-out Kevin Smith dialogue of yore. Jason Mewes looks ill. Half the cast look like they've had surgery.

Here's a clip from Caddyshack.

Spent yesterday evening giving myself a refresher course on b/w printing in the darkroom at Islington Arts Factory, a disused church now turned-over to the usual community centre activities. Admittedly I was pretending to recap darkroom techniques for Stacey, but it'd been so long since I'd done any printing it took a little while to get my brain in gear. We then both printed a few shots from Berlin pretty successfully.


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