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Moved in, Oxford gig, things 4th May 2006

So now I'm pretty much settled in my new home. I've got use of about half the room, the rest of which is taken-up by boxes of junk awaiting storage. Trip to Ikea on Monday was surprisingly hassle-free, although they'd sold out of the bookcase I want. A return trip is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

The day after I popped back to Crouch End to collect some money from my landlord and found the new pickguard for the Synthy Hagstrom (see below) which chum Thaddeus had made for me. Spent the next few hours putting the guitar back together, setting it up and testing it. Really happy with this little guitar, and the combination of retro junkshop styling and high-tech controls is great.

Yesterday [band] played Oxford for Vacuous Pop label/promotions, played very well, gig slightly underattended, but it's not the kind of thing we can turn-down and the promoter and sound guy seem to genuinely care about what they're doing. Somewhat fatigued today though. Driving back from Lancaster in the middle of the night a few weeks ago was fine, but my legs were like jelly last night after a combined 6 hours driving through central London traffic, stop-starting all the way!


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