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Holidays, guitar 23rd July 2006

I'm getting the grey with blue pearl finish on my Electrical Guitar Company custom 500. With a 12" radius neck and vintage narrow frets- basically as close to my jazzmaster as possible, although the EGC's neck is apparently thinner. Personally I can't wait, and think this beast might change the way I play guitar considerably.
This one!

[band] were due to play in Islington tonight, but the promoter unfortunately died in an electical accident last week while setting-up for a gig with his band. This was a fucking surprise to say the least, and brought home the importance of playing respected venues with good electrical safety. It's very sad. The guy was only 27 and well-liked, going by the tributes on his myspace profile.

Today's good news is that we've found a great new practice space about 5 minutes drive from my house. It's cheaper than our previous one, and since it's only just opened all the equipment still works. Amazing!

I've booked a holiday for early August. The only bits set in stone are a seacat from Harwich to Hook of Holland and a return ferry from Esbjerg in Denmark eight days later. Inbetween, we'll be driving about randomly, although I'd like to take in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Bremen, Hamburg, Schwerin and surrounds, maybe Rugen and then a bit of Denmark.


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