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Fredric Pedalwerks prototype 6th October 2008

A highly uncommon distortion pedal, featuring 3 distinct circuits (a tweaked MXR Dist+, just because I love the sound of these!) with the Pushme-Pullyou octave fuzz (this one is very high gain) and lastly the Dan Armstrong Green Ringer octave/ringmod circuit. These last two can be toggled on/off individually and the gain for the Pushme-Pullyou controlled with it's own knob. Combined, the first two circuits can create a massive amount of squally, gitchy fuzz- complex and doomy. The Green Ringer sounds very musical when combined with light distortion, and is a sound I think lots of guitarists would find useful.

Now with youtube demo!

I'm very happy with this build, although lessons learnt include:
- Allow more battery space! I'd wanted to leave enough space for a 9v battery, dispite the fact that I never use them, however it'd have to sit under the circuit board, which would be inviting disaster. Three distinct circuits is probably too many for a single mxr-sized enclosure.
- The clear enamel has given the pedal a slight cream look, while I was going for brilliant white. No big deal, but I'll use clear acrylic laquer in future.
- Making a paper template of all the hole locations and diameters saves tons of time.

I'm making 8 of a trimmed-down version of this pedal, featuring Dist Pluses (crunchy or smooth) with Green Ringers with just two knobs and a single toggle switch. If anyone wants one, drop me a line here:


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.