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A walk in the forest 27th October 2007

me by a lake, GrÃnwald, Berlin

BrÃcke Museum, Dessaudogs munching a tasty boar

Initially we'd planned to drive to Dessau and check out the Bauhaus architecture and permanent exhibition, and have a lazy night in a cheap hotel. Also possibly to take-in the historic city of Weimar if we felt like a crazy-long drive (Prague is almost the same distance). Unfortunately the weather turned a little unpredictable, so instead had a very enjoyable day visiting the BrÃcke museum in Dahlem by way of a leisurely walk through GrÃnwald, stopping to visit the Jagdschloss (hunting castle). I think the light drizzle and mist added to the experience.

Top photo is by the Stacey, go look at her blog for more :-)


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