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Bad weather weekend 18th February 2008

I'm slowly making friends with the GX100, as I hope the image to the left demonstrates. I'd made the mistake of expecting digital cameras to be a bit better than they actually are. So, if you can learn to deal with their limited dynamic range then I'd say this camera is pretty good. On a similar note, I've just got back the first set of medium format photos shot with the Diana, and they're spectacularly 'interesting'. Will post them shortly.

On Saturday Stacey, Daniel and myself ventured back to Schokoladen as punters and had a great night drinking cuba libres and eating junkfood on the way home. Of the places we've played I think it's got the nicest atmosphere, although I can't rule-out a return to Antje Oeklesund. I've made a few improvements to this here blog as we've been largely housebound due to the shit weather. Comments on useability welcome. Wanna see more/less guitars, let me know. I've got shedloads ;-)

Also, swearing in Deadwood... listen to this, excerpted from the brilliant episode we've just seen.


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.