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An improvement 24th May 2007

Here's the Hagstrom F300 pictured previously after some work. It's now inca silver with more tasteful plastics and vastly superior pickups. Basically everything I said I'd do in the last post, I did. Also making a rare appearance is the previously sickly '74 Fender Deluxe Reverb. Yay!

I'd have to say though, never attempt to respray a guitar body in a living room. It's virtually impossible to get a perfect result, but I'm quite happy with this one... for now. Also, the new Hagstrom full contact bridge is a stupid and overcomplicated piece of machinery. Everything is locked-together with grub screws for which you need an allan key. These screws are hard to get to, and to raise a saddle, you need to...
1. having strung the guitar up, tuned it to pitch, you realise the saddle needs to be higher.
2. unwind the string until it's slack enough to be pulled off the saddle.
3. loosen the grub screw securing the saddle
4. ROTATE THE ENTIRE SADDLE one or two turns anticlockwise
5. replace sting, tune to pitch, try it out
#repeat steps 2-5 until you're happy#
6. Tighten the grub screw.

Hagstrom people, this is what you were after:


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.