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An update 28th May 2006

So I've been stuck in front of my computer for the past couple of days attempting to take a bite out of the substantial project which is supposed to pay the rent for the next four months. As a little treat I'm allowing myself fifteen minutes to bring this blog up to date.

Last weekend myself and three chums decamped to All Tomorrow's Parties at Camber Sands on the South coast. A good time was had by all, and some excellent bands were taken in- particularly on the first couple of days (the third day, curated by The Shins, allowed me to catch-up on some much needed sleep, an outstanding set by Electrelane excepted). Unlike last years 'nightmare before christmas' I was already familiar with quite a few of the bands on the bill. So, fewer surprises, but great performances by an envigorated Dinosaur Jr, sludge-rock Sleater Kinney, The Boredoms, Mission of Burma, Magic Markers and more I've probably forgotten.

[Band] have a new drummer, who we can't wait to show off. She's brought a new energy to material we were starting to tire of playing, and spurred us on to finish the new songs in time for recording at the end of june. Bandmate and I are schmoozing promoters as vigourously as we can stomach because currently we're in the worrying position of only having a show a month over the summer.

Went for pleasantly boozy dinner with parents/brother/brother's girlfriend on wednesday at somewhat badly chosen restaurant (possibly I'm the only one who reads restaurant reviews on the internet before leaving the house). Popped to pub afterwards mainly out of curiousity as to who Will's friends actually are these days, but felt awkward and managed to miss the band I'd wanted to see at the Saucy Lil Tart night in Camden. Instead I caught a band called 'Stasi' playing watered-down Muse and Radiohead anthems. Both of these bands are unmitigated shit.


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